The SPA offers you a new philosophy!


Carita, a unique philosophy

The anti-ageing specialist based on cutting-edge, avant-garde technology, Carita demonstrates its difference and originality with its Global beauty concept, its products and treatments.

CARITA today represents unostentatious “glamour”, marked by refinement, sophistication and simplicity, which is subtly found just as much in the substance and texture of the products as in the tailor-made service offered in its salons.

CARITA’s beauty philosophy is based on the simple principle that beauty results from adequate and regular movements. The CARITA beauty philosophy is expressed in a unique 4-step method, which specifically targets face needs. 

PREPARE STEP 1: Cleanses in depth and prepares the skin to receive complementary beauty cares.

ACTIVATE STEP 2: Corrects skin imbalances and gives new life to their ‘beauty capital’.

REVEAL STEP 3: Restores skin radiance, smoothness and youth while protecting it from external aggressions.

BEAUTIFY STEP 4: Brings the final touch to a perfect beauty treatment: magnifies skin texture giving it an unforgettable look.

Haute couture treatments

Discover a world of tailor-made treatments, dedicated to the beauty of the face, body and hair. Carita’s artisans of beauty strive for excellence and their perfectly mastered beauty techniques are seamlessly integrated into a unique moment of pleasure and sensual delight. These skin care experts are at the heart of the development process for the protocols (textures, techniques, etc.) and products, in an ongoing drive for precision and performance. Each treatment is structured around two key dimensions:

Le Rénovateur : the legend

This iconic House of Beauty skin care step was the result of an absolutely original concept created in 1956 by the CARITA sisters. It procures a surprising, inimitable sensation as its initially wet texture transforms into a powder at the rhythm of a slow “draining massage”, leaving a vitamin-infused veil on the skin.


A true marvel of technology, CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT is a beauty device which reflects CARITA’S HAUTE BEAUTE philosophy: global beauty for the face, body and hair.

CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT is the result of CARITA’s unique expertise in micro-currents, developed over a period of more than 20 years, combined with new technologies such as luminotherapy and ultrasonic micro-massage, as well as new accessories, to deliver a sensation of wellbeing, exceptional performance and visible and lasting results on the skin and scalp.

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